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Meet the Joe Granato Staff  below:




Marty Granato

Son of Joe Granato himself, Marty Granato has been involved in the produce industry since 1973. Now CEO and President of Joe Granato Produce, Marty has been the major contributor to the company’s success. Starting out with hand written orders, all the way to updated technology allows Marty to continue having success with his business. Marty has expanded the warehouse another 8,000 sq. feet, equipped with banana ripening rooms, and two extra coolers. Personable, reliable, driven, and persistent are the traits, alike Joe, that Marty possesses allowing the company to continue to succeed.  Marty is an empowering man, ensuring quality service and produce to all customers. 


Tracy Shelton

Daughter of Joe Granato, Tracy has been a part of Joe Granato Inc. since 1978. As a major contributor to the success at Joe Granato Inc. Tracy has all of the paperwork in order, up-to-date, and she is on top of any accounting concerns and problems. She is also in charge of receiving and paying bills, managing and administering insurance plans, payroll, etc. Interacting daily with all customers files allows Tracy to personally get to know each customer and their account. Tracy is very knowledgeable with accounting and can handle just about any question that may arise.


Mike McCarty
Vice President

Grandson of Joe Granato, Mike McCarty keeps the business in the family for three generations. He is hardworking, amiable, and accommodating.   He is responsible for purchasing, stocking, and selling product (specialty products and everyday items). He is also in charge of overseeing warehouse employees and managing daily office procedures.  Mike is the "Rover" at Joe Granato Inc. he can generally answer any question and is the guy to go to with any potential problems. Mike's increasingly strong familiarity and background allow him to be an important asset to the company. 


Matt Peck
Operations Manager

Starting at Joe Granato Produce over 25 years ago, Matt has been a source of the accomplishment throughout the company. Starting in the early hours of the morning, Matt receives and enters customer orders, and directs the routes of each order. Matt’s hard work contributes to his personable familiarity with each customer. Over time, Matt has helped progress the company; from hand writing customer orders, to implementing computers, all the way into the twenty-first century with online ordering and data processing. Matt is a great contributor to the company’s accomplishments and continuation of Joe Granato Inc.


Thad Edginton
Food Safety Director








Melissa H.
Customer Service Rep.



Nate Cheshire
Warehouse Manager



Mike Tangero
Banana Specialist



Ben Slok
Re-Pack Manager

For over fourteen years, Thad has been adding his food safety and quality control expertise in the food service industry at Joe Granato Inc. Thad’s responsibilities consist of inspecting every product that comes into the warehouse and assuring that the quality of each product is up to the standards at JGPRO. Thad is also in charge of purchase orders, inventory tracking, overseeing HACCP, etc. The last inspection that the company had received a 98% due to the hard work that he contributes to the company. Thad is crucial and necessary for the success at Joe Granato Inc.

Granddaughter of Joe Granato, Marissa joined the company to work with family!  Marissa graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Dixie State College in 2011. Marissa’s role within the company is to update employee information and relations, improve media sources,  completes daily office procedures, and assist in accounts receivable.  Marissa's schooling and experiences allow her to make a great addition to the Joe Granato Team. 

Melissa joined the JGPRO team November 2015 and adds a supportive presence to the office staff.  She graduated with a degree in Health Promotion and Education in 2013 from the University of Utah. Focusing mainly with Public Health.  Melissa is responsible for taking incoming orders, will-calls, and hot shot calls; as well as handling any general office questions. Her past schooling  and careers help her to be an impressive customer service representative at Joe Granato Inc.

Keeping the warehouse presentable, sharp, and organized each day is Nate’s main responsibility with Joe Granato Inc. Nate ensures that each cooler and area is clean and exceeds all sanitary expectations. Scrubbing the floors, cleaning the truck bays, and reorganizing products keep Nate busy throughout the ascending morning.


Working in the produce industry since a young boy, Mike started out his produce knowledge with his dad and grandpa at T-E Produce.  His vast knowledge on the product has led him to become the banana ripening specialist at Joe Granato Inc. Mike's other requirements include: keeping track of trucks and equipement maintanence.  Mike has greatly impacted the Joe Granato team.


Ben is a great addition to the warehouse team, with over 45 years of knowledge in the produce industry. Main responsibilities for Ben are; checking all products and determining if a product needs special care, renovation, and/or fixing. Ben plays an important role and is a necessity to guarantee premier quality at Joe Granato Inc.