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Good Buys:
Raspberries- Until product lasts we are selling raspberries $7 per 12 (6oz) case.
Cauliflower- Versatile for healthier cooking and at a better than average price/quality.
Celery-Good quality and price for the vegetable also known as “the negative calorie veggie”.

Marty’s Market Alerts:
Avocados- improving but higher than expected price ranges.
Lemons- Limited supply on the lemon picking.  More of the larger (115ct) being picked right now as well, the smaller is harder to find due to all of the rain.
Red Peppers- Tight supply lasting into September.
Yellow Onions
Green Beans


Good Buys:

Marty’s Market Alerts:
Garlic- Should be more of a supply in mid-July.
Green Beans- A gap in growing locations is causing a shortage.
Lemons- Quality is good if not great, there just isn’t a large supply.
Peppers (Red and Green)- Quality isn’t great; therefore, the yield isn’t as abundant.


Good Buys:

Marty’s Market Alerts:
Avocados: Mexico farms are experiencing major deficiencies and California farms are also experiencing shortages.  Prices are up due lower yields.   Also, a side note, the product being sold is varying in size.

Green Beans: The harvest is abruptly stopping in production on green beans creating a gap in pickup locations.  Prices are higher and quantity is lower!


Good Buys:
CUCUMBERS!  Cucumbers are a great source of hydration and vitamin C.  If you don’t love the skins on cucumbers it can be peeled and used to help hair growth and skin issues.  Place the skins of cucumbers on your sunburns, skin irritants and puffiness.  Also, the skins can help stimulate hair growth.

Market Alerts:
AVOCADOS: Prices will continue to rise… See last week’s “Market Alerts” for more info.

LIMES: Prices dropped this week and quality is getting better and better; however, the price still hasn’t dropped completely.

CARROTS: Georgia carrots are done for the year.  California has a shortage in carrots. Texas carrots are coming along great.

CAULIFLOWER: Quality is improving, but prices are still rising for the next few weeks. 

GARLIC: Quality isn’t great and inventory isn’t peeling properly.  


Market Alerts:

Cauliflower: The price for cauliflower has been higher; however, it is expected to return to the normal price rate for this time of year by a couple weeks!

Avocados: In earlier spring the avocado market had an abundant supply of avocados and customers were literally “eating it up”… however, the supply has slowed down and consumers still want them… the price had risen to stop the usage rate!

Limes: Prices are higher, but not expected to stay to stay this high for too much longer.

Carrots: The mud and rain from earlier this spring is still affecting the jumbo carrots and carrot sticks.  The product can’t get big enough to reach its spec; therefore, the needs aren’t being filled and prices are up!


Good Buys:
Cucumbers: This veggie is 95% water; therefore, very hydrating!

Strawberries: Good source of vitamin C, K, and fiber!

Kiwi: Cardiovascular benefits!

Market Alerts:

Avocados:  Plenty of supply and production in avocados has resulted in a greater usage and consumption this year, until now… Production and quality have started to decrease; therefore, prices are rising and demands can’t be met currently.

Cauliflower: Prices are higher because weather conditions aren’t up to par in current growing areas.

Lettuce (Iceberg, romaine, leaf lettuces, spinach, etc): All types of lettuce are having quality issues.  Prices are very high if customers aren’t on yearly contracts.

Week of 4.18.16

Good buys for the week: ORANGES!
Market Alerts:
Limes: Not much to harvest; therefore the price is higher.  This should improve soon.
Strawberries and Blueberries: Due to rain and poor weather these items are seeing major quality issues.
Carrots: The carrot market still hasn’t fully recovered yet due to the rain and mud.


Spring is here!  As the weather improves many items SHOULD continue to improve in quality and price.  Here is some advice from Marty for the coming week:

  • Berries are a great buy right now (AND perfect to add to a fresh spring salad)!  Blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are great buys!  Strawberry prices have gone down and the taste is great; however, not top quality yet due to over ripening and bruising.
  • Adding a balance to spring with fresh herbs (basil, mint, tarragon, etc) is also a great ways to enhance to healthy spring meal.

  • Get your Lemons for a zesty citrus taste now because the market price and yield won’t stay ideal for long.
  • Iceberg Lettuce and Romaine quality is only average.  High heat levels in the desert are now causing product damage. 
  • Green beans and peppers are still low in volume and high in price. 
  • Cucumbers are nice to add to the salad and while it is still on the “alert” list; pricing is recovering and should become readily affordable.


"Marty’s alerts" for the week: (Not much is changing or improving)

  • Green Beans- Still a major shortage in supply and a high demand for beans; therefore, the price is still high as well.  At the end of this month farmers should see a better yield coming out of Nogales and the beginning of April they should see more supply out of the Coachella area.
  • Peppers- Still low in supply and high in demand.  Expect higher prices until the supply can become steady.
  • Celery: Still not caught up on supply from the shortage that happened over 6 months ago.
  • Cucumbers
  •  Squash
  • Carrots


Good buys for this week: Blueberries and Arugula!

  • Blueberries: are full of antioxidants, help to protect cholesterol, and are said to help lower blood pressure.  The best part about blueberries is they take little effort to eat (no cutting or peeling; just a light cleaning and they are ready to enjoy)!!! 
  • Arugula: is also a very healthy food to eat.  Arugula is a good source of phytochemicals and it's found to help prevent/fight cancer. 

***With both of these delicious health foods you can eat a whole lot and only use a small amount of your daily calories!***

“Marty’s alerts" for the week:

  • Cucumbers: The continuation of stormy weather (a cold spurt in temperature and rain) in Mexico is the main cause for shortages in cucumbers. Until the crop changes to northern Mexico customers should expect higher prices.
  • Yellow and Zucchini Squash: Similar to the cucumbers; yellow and zucchini squash has seen a turn for the worse on quality and price.  When northern Mexico starts to harvest we should see this market return to average pricing.
  • Carrots: The continuation of mud and bad soil is causing the extreme shortages in carrots out of Cuyama, Cali. The product isn’t looking up to par and the price is definitely higher than average.

Other “Marty” alerts for this week can include, but are not limited to: green beans, corn, mushrooms, garlic, and sugar snap peas. 



Good buys for this week include: grapefruit and spinach!

Poor Purchase alerts for this week:

  • Green Peppers: Slowly the production has increased and the quality of green peppers is slightly better coming out of Mexico farms.  However, Florida farms quality still isn’t quite up to par!
  • Jumbo Carrots: California mud and rain still is causing a major shortage in jumbo carrots the price is still expected to be high.
  • Green Beans: The green beans poor quality and higher prices aren’t expected to improve until the middle of this month when the crop changes coming from Arizona! Green beans price and quality is expected to be better in time for the Easter Holiday!
  • Celery: Slowly improving from the shortage over the last 6 months. Over the next month and a half prices and quality should be great!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Some fruits and vegetable should not be kept by each other!  Keep your celery away from ethylene produce (apples, pears, etc) or ripening (banana and avocado) rooms because celery absorbs specific smells and flavors of this produce. 


Good buys this coming week are: cilantro, kale, strawberries, and broccoli.  The quality has improved and the price has gone down!

  • Carrots: We are still seeing a shortage/quality issues for carrot sticks and jumbo carrots.  The mud in growing areas is causing for bad quality and a lower yield in product. 
  • Celery:  Growers are hoping that the celery shortage that we have been experiencing the last half a year or so will soon be over.  Hoping in about a month and a half supplies can meet the demands.
  • Peppers: There is still a major shortage in green peppers.  The demand simply can’t meet the supply in all growing areas.  However, it appears that red and yellow peppers are more accessible and the quality is improving.
  • Green Beans:  Past rain and flooding is still affecting the green bean market.  The harvest and yields are just too low to meet all of the demands.  Growers are still trying to make up for the planting gap back in December.  Expect higher prices still.

***Check out a Granato Family recipe:  STRAWBERRY TRIFLE!!! It’s found on our Facebook page.  It is delicious!!!***


  • Strawberries: The market is starting to meet demands.  Although, the quality is a little overripe and bruised, strawberries are becoming more plentiful!
  • Carrots: Jumbo carrots and carrot sticks are not meeting the requests of customers due to mud and rain in growing areas.  Expect higher prices!
  • Celery: The price may be going down slowly; however, they are still seeing some veins/spotting on the product.
  • Green Beans: The price is still high and doesn’t appear to be coming down yet.  The flooding and planting gap from two months ago is not allowing enough quality products available. 
  • Peppers (green, red and yellow): Increased growing costs, bad weather, and growers picking product too early (to pack as green peppers) is causing a shortage in all colors of pepper products.  The price is still very high for green peppers and going up for yellow and red.       


  • Strawberries- the volume harvested is about 50% less than it was last year at this time.  That being said; the Valentine dipped strawberry market may be pricier than last year! The quality is improving daily!
  • Peppers- green and red peppers are high in price due to the demand outweighing the supply… The quality received is still very nice.
  • Yellow squash- extremely pricey and hard for suppliers to receive due to the high demand and low yield from bad weather. 
  • Carrots- farmers are seeing poor product and less yield due to the mud and rain in growing areas affecting jumbo and stick carrots.
  • Green beans- because of flooding in farming areas the yield is low and the demand is still high.  Expect higher prices.

2.5.16- Continuation of bad weather=continuation of shortages in produce.

  • Strawberries- with the Valentine holiday approaching shortly, suppliers were hoping the strawberry market would improve, but it looks like the production is ¾ less than last year in some areas.  Demand is definitely greater than the supply.
  • Peppers- still a shortage of peppers, especially green, in most areas.  Stem decay and bruising may be found on product due to weather.
  • Yellow and Zucchini Squash- These items are still extremely low in supply. 
  • Grapes- Still hard to access due to poor weather; expect high prices if available.
  • Cauliflower and Broccoli- Supply is meeting the demand.  The price should be very reasonable; however, this will not last as poor weather may start to affect the growing areas again.  
  • Avocados- May be a little tight due to the demand for the Superbowl game this weekend.
  • Panthers will win the Superbowl 2016!


  • Grapes: Both red and green grapes are seeing a shortage in the market.  Demands are definitely exceeding supply.  The price is also very high.  We should start to see more product in the next few weeks.
  • Strawberries: With the Valentine holiday coming up we would want to see a better supply than seeing right now.  Strawberry demands are still exceeding the supply in stock.
  • Peppers: There is a major shortage in green peppers; however, it is demand is improving.  Farmers are picking red peppers in early stages to try to cover the green market; however; this may cause a shortage in red peppers in a few weeks.
  • Green Onions, Squash (yellow and zucchini), Tomatoes: All of these items are still short due to poor weather and demands exceeding the harvest.


  • Strawberries- the strawberry yield is 3-4 times worse than last year at this time. Demands are not able to meet supply!
  • Squash/peppers- these items are understood to be the most affected item by the weather issues.  Supply is estimated to be nonexistent soon.
  • Asparagus/tomatoes/cucumbers- still at an extreme low.  Expect to see higher market prices and lower supply.
  • Green Onions- over the past few weeks at least six days of production have been lost due to poor weather.  Yield can’t meet supplies needed.  Expect the continuation of high prices.
  • Lettuce (Iceburg/ Romaine)- Weather related quality issues; however, we are receiving a steady supply!

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