Products listed are generally in stock and available at our warehouse at all times.  We will try our best to get specialty product that you need! 

Apples Fuji 88/125, Apples Gold 88/125, Apples Gala 88/125, Apples Granny Smith 88/125
Asparagus 11lbs
Avocados 60/48
Bananas CTG 10lbs, Bananas 40lbs
Broccoli, Crowns, Buds 6/3lbs
Cabbage Red, Cabbage Green, Cabbage Cello, Cabbage Napa 30lbs
Cantaloupe 9-12ct
Carrots 25lbs, Carrots 50lbs, Carrots Cello 1-2lbs, Carrots 100 ct, Carrots 4/5lbs
Cauliflower 12ct
Celery 24, Celery 30 Cello
Cilantro 60ct, Cilantro 30ct
Cucumber Bushel, Lug, English
Garlic 30lbs, Peeled Garlic
Collard Greens
Green Grapes, Grapes Red
Grapefruit 56ct or 36ct
Green Leaf Crowns
Honeydew 5/6ct
Jicama 20lbs
Kale Flowering, Kale
Kiwi Fruit
Iceberg Lettuce,Cello, Red Leaf, Green Leaf, Romaine, Chopped Romaine
Lemons 200/165/140/115ct
Limes 200ct
Watermelon large/personal
Mushroom Mature, Mushroom Button, Mushroom Medium, Mushrooms Shitake, Sliced mushrooms
Onions Green 48, Onions Green 4/2lbs, Onions yellow jumbo or 50 or 5lbs, Onions Red 25 or 5lbs
Oranges 72/88/113
Parsely, Parsley Italian
Peas Sugar Snap
Peppers Green 25lbs, Yellow 25lbs, Red 25lbs, Jalapeno, Poblano
Pinapple, Pineapple crownless
Potatoes 50ct, 60ct, 70ct, 80ct, 90ct, 100ct, RedA, RedB
Radishes 25lbs
Romaine Hearts
Salad Mix 20lbs, 5lbs, Shredded Lettuce 20lbs, 5lbs
Spinach 4/2lbs
Spring mix, Tuscan mix
Squash Zucchini 20lbs or 5lbs, Yellow Squash 20lbs or 5lbs
Strawberries 8/1lbs
Tomatoes 5x5, 5x6, 6x6, Roma, Grape
Yams Jumbo, Yams #1

**Organic items are available upon request**
**Fruit and Veggie Trays (large and small)**
**Cut-up products per request: diced, sliced, cubed, shredded, etc.**