Granato Produce provides industry-leading diversity and selection of top quality products for restaurants, schools, health care and cafeteria foodservice customers. Our sophisticated communications and information technology help customers shop and place orders quickly and conveniently. Call our Customer Service team to learn more about our products

Our extensive product line includes:

  • Value Added Fresh Fruits And Vegetables
  • Dry Groceries
  • Frozen Foods
  • Fresh and Frozen Meats
  • Specialty Items
  • Dairy Products
  • Locally Grown Sustainable Produce

Produce Partners

Taylor Farms
Taylor Farms is the largest supplier in North America of value-added fresh produce to the foodservice industry. We did not get here by accident. While Taylor Farms is a relatively young processing company, we have the most ...

Sunkist Growers
We are a leading international citrus supplier, but you might be surprised to know that we don't own a single citrus grove. And although we're a billion dollar a year organization, you can't buy stock-because there isn't any......

The Vegetable Express
Vegetable Express provides fresh-cut produce to wholesale produce and foodservice distributors. Our products are available through the following distributors....

Church Brothers
Church Brothers, LLC is a dynamic, truly vertically integrated family company that provides our customers with a large variety of top quality produce and services against fair and competitive prices.

Andrew and Williamson
Andrew and Williamson are customer-focused year -round farmers od premium products.

Kern Ridge
Kern Ridge Growers has been in the carrot industry for over 35 years. We pride ourselves in providing our customers premium quality and excellent service.

CH Robinson Produce
You should expect more from your produce supplier than just a competitive price. Many other factors come into play, such as quality, food safety, and year-round commodity availability, just to name a few. When you rely on C.H. Robinson for your sourcing needs, competitive pricing is a given