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Granato Produce Inc.
46 Orange Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Telephone: +1 801.359.8651
FAX: +1 801.521.2537
Marty Granato - President/CEO
Son of Joe Granato himself, Marty Granato has been involved in the produce industry since a young boy. Marty has been the major contributor to the company’s success and continues to as the company’s CEO. Under Marty’s direction Joe Granato Inc. has prospered; recently extending services throughout the entire state; Logan to St. George, UT. Marty is also expanding the warehouse another 8,000 sq. feet. Marty is an empowering man ensuring quality services and produce to all customers. Alike Joe, Marty is a driven and accomplishing individual, looking for a bright and successful future within the company.
Tracy Shelton - AP/AR and Treasurer
Daughter of Joe Granato, Tracy has been a part of Joe Granato Inc. since 1978 as a young girl. As a major contributor to the success at Joe Granato’s Tracy has all of the paperwork in order, up-to-date, and she is on top of any concerns and problems. She is also in charge of receiving and paying bills, managing and administering insurance plans, payroll, etc. Interacting with all customers files daily allows Tracy to personally get to know each customer and their account. Tracy is very knowledgeable with accounting and can handle just about any question that may arise.
Matt Peck - Director of Operations
Starting at Joe Granato Produce over 20 years ago, Matt has been a source of the accomplishment throughout the company. Starting in the early hours of the morning, Matt receives and enters customer orders, and directs the routes of each order. Matt’s hard work contributes to his personable familiarity with each customer. Over time, Matt has helped progress the company from hand writing customer orders to the use of computers, all the way into the twenty-first century with online ordering. Matt is a great contributor to the company’s accomplishments and continuation of Joe Granato Inc.
Thad Edginton - Quality Control Manager
For over ten years, Thad has been adding his expertise in the food service industry at Joe Granato Inc. Thad’s responsibilities consist of inspecting every product that comes off any truck. Checking for produce quality and temperature allows Thad to insure that Joe Granato is delivering a flawless order. Thad is also in charge of purchasing orders, inventory tracking, overseeing HAACP, etc. Thad’s addition is necessary for the company’s success.

Mike Mc Carty - General Manager

Grandson of Joe Granato, Mike McCarty keeps the business in the family for three generations. Hardworking, amiable, and accommodating, Mike is the man to go to with any potential problems. Having a knowledge and experience with computer education allows Mike to perform him job commendably. Mike is also in charge of hiring employees, managing employees, and personally taking care of any concerns; these are just a few of the daily tasks that Mike encounters. Mike’s increasingly strong familiarity and background allow him to be an important asset to the company.

Kurt Jeffs - Sales Manager
Determined and motivated, Kurt is a remarkable contributor to the sales accounts at Joe Granato Inc. Although Kurt’s time with the company is still recent; he has made a big impact to the clientele. Making certain that each and every customer remains satisfied, Kurt plays an important part in the sales transactions and customer service throughout the company.
Marissa Jones - Office Manager/Assistant AR
Granddaughter of Joe Granato, joining in on the family business, Marissa graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Dixie State College. Marissa’s role within the company is to complete the daily office procedures, assist in accounts receivable, as well as take incoming orders, will-call, or hot shot deliveries. Marissa makes a great addition in handling any problems after regular hours for the company.
Ben Slok - Repack Manager
Ben is a great addition to the warehouse team, with over 40 years of knowledge in the produce industry. Main responsibilities for Ben are; checking all products and determining if a product needs special care, renovation, and/or fixing. Ben plays an important role and is a necessity to guarantee quality at Joe Granato Inc.
Nate Chessire - Warehouse Manager
Keeping the warehouse presentable, sharp, and organized each day is Nate’s main responsibility with Joe Granato Inc. Nate ensures that each cooler and area is clean and exceeds all sanitary expectations. Scrubbing the floors, cleaning the truck bays, and reorganizing products keep Nate busy throughout the ascending morning.
Matt Granato- St. George Representative
Grandson of Joe Granato, Matt also keeps the business in the family with his brother and sister. Currently, Matt is located in southern Utah and attending Dixie State College. Matt is the manager of the business that gets done in St. George, UT.
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